Diagnosing and treating complex, chronic pain has always been a high-maintenance, low-reward (difficult reimbursement) process for physicians. But growing pressure to curtail opioid prescriptions has made managing pain an increasingly high-risk endeavor.

At Nura pain clinics, we offer a proven answer to the demands of treating chronic pain, and take this burden off our referring physicians. Our comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach isolates and attacks pain at the source, as we coordinate up to 20 different therapies to surround and treat the problem—all under one roof.

As an interdisciplinary clinic, Nura’s goal is to dial down the need for opioids by dialing up interventional, physical therapy and behavioral health treatments that promote patients’ long-term health and well-being.

Discover a new option for pain management – one that enables you to do what’s right for your patients. And for you.

How We Work

Some physicians rely on Nura for assistance in pinpointing the physical pain generator. Some refer to us for specialized procedures or medication management, while others turn to Nura for the long-term management of complex chronic pain cases. In each of these instances, our message to physicians is the same as it is for patients: We’re here for the long-term. Nura has the resources, stability and commitment to ease the burden on referring physicians for the complex care required by chronic pain patients and to make a real and sustained difference in their quality of life.

Contact Us

You can learn more about Nura by calling 763.537.6000, faxing an inquiry to 763.537.6666, or completing the Refer a Patient form and we will get back to you promptly.